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Getting Started

Well, with anything that’s new you must know how to kit start. This is my first blog post about getting started. I am fascinated to share with the world my knowledge with whoever gets here.

On top of the page you’ll find topics that I often talk about and write. They are my favorites. Usually with a live audience I’d invited anyone to share their opinions. I believe there is value for discourse. So anytime you want to share something about a post, get into the comment section.

Do not be afraid to talk this is a free space and free speech is embraced.

My first favorite topic is on men & lifestyle. This topic covers an array of things such as the dating market, health and wellness, finance and growth. The main objective here is to inform men, unplug them from the feminine imperative and create an impetus for change while leveraging on their masculine energy.

I also talk about religion since its a core tenet as far as human civilization is concerned. Here I’ll be giving a critic on the absurdities of religion, positives and how it has affected people,countries and the world. Most of my arguments are based on Philosophy(Epistemology & Ethics), Apologetic inquiry, science and social-cultural inquiry.

Finally, I’m a lover of technology with a specialization in software engineering. Here you’ll find things tech and programming.

Enjoy your exploration.